Wheels that “stand” above all others

Matthew Larsen Wheelbuilding (MLW) believes in traditional handbuilt bicycle wheels. This style of wheel is the most durable, lightweight, aerodynamic, serviceable wheel you can buy. There is lots of marketing and hype involved in today’s modern wheelsets that would have you think otherwise. In my professional opinion, handbuilt wheels are superior to any of the current low spoke-count, $20/spoke, machine-built, cookie cutter, nipple at the hub wheels on the market today.

While I don’t have any pre-built wheels in stock I do keep a healthy inventory of parts on hand to work with and I can build wheels to ship the next day. When picking out handbuilt wheels there are thousands of combinations of rims, hubs, spokes and nipples, to choose from. Since I build custom wheels each order and cost is different. Other than labor, the parts you choose will be what determines the cost of your wheels. I will match competitor’s prices though. Contact MLW for your personal handbuilt wheelset quote.

20″ 26,” 650b, 700c, 29er; tandem, single speed, fixed gear; disc, drum or rim brake; tubular, tubeless, and more. There is no wheel discrimination at MLW; I am just happy to build your wheels.


paradise royalI hand built my first bicycle wheel waaaay back before I ever worked at a bike shop. The hub was from a wheel I tacoed. There’s still a scar on my shoulder from the crash.  I ordered the parts and dove in. Since then I’ve learned a bunch about building wheels. I worked my way through the bike industry working at some shops and for a distributor as their wheelbuilder/mechanic. I’m not sure how many wheels I’ve built over the years but there were days and weeks when all I did was sit there at the truing stand. Chances are you might already be riding some of my wheels. Now I’m on my own team. Besides chief wheelbuilder I’m in charge of ordering, shipping, bookkeeping, the web site, and sweeping the floor. When I’m not riding bikes I can be found skiing, planning my next adventure, teaching my dog stupid dog tricks, drinking some of my homemade beer or any combination of the above.

Ride on, Matty

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