Autumnal Wheelbuilding

This might be my busiest time of year for wheelbuilds thanks to three bicycle categories.

First of all cyclocross season is full on right now. MORE COWBELL! I’ve got great 700c cross rims for $60 each. Lightweight disc rims, tubulars and Stan’s Iron Cross rims. The kids cross scene is a segment of this and I build lighter wheels than the stock ones for their little bikes too. Special kid pricing available on 24″ rims.

Cyclocross Rims $60 Each

Next, daylight saving time just happened and all of a sudden everyone is riding in the dark and wants a dynamo hub. Plug in your headlight to one of these wheels and free yourself from chargers, batteries and run time. Besides your light you can hook up a USB port and charge… well, just about anything.

Shutter Precision Dymano

If that’s not enough there’s always fat bike wheels. People love riding these things. Keyword tubeless. Also see above about lights. Yep, I build fat bike wheels with dynamo hubs too.


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