Bicycle Wheel Review

Her at the MLW world headquarters in Reno, NV wheels get built and shipped all over the country.  All wheels are custom built to customer specifications and while there are lots of rim and hub choices  I though  I’d let you know the most popular choices. So here is what the comtetiton is riding.

The past year  the most popular road wheels were White Industry hubs with Velocity A23 rims.  White Industry offers quality made in the USA, cartridge bearing hubs with a verity of drillings and are available with Campy or Shimano cassette splines.  The Velocity A23 is one of the new wider profile road rims available today. It’s wider profile matches tire width for a more aerodynamic wheel and gives the tire a more natural shape.  I build these wheels with alloy or brass nipples and any where from 20-36 spokes depending on the rider and their application.  Cost is about $740.00, weight is about 1500g both depending on spoke count and options.


Across all mountain wheels (geared, SS, 29er, 26, 6bolt, C/L, rim brake-yes people still use them)  Chris King hubs with Stan’s rims were the best selling.  While other rims have tubeless capability add their yellow rim tape and removable core valve and Stan’s rims have mass appeal.  The King bling: ringdrive freehub engagement, 5 year warranty, made in the USA, a rainbow of colors, multiple drillings, environmental awareness, precision bearings.  They come in all kinds of  configurations so prices and weights vary.

As the red headed stepchild of the bicycle racing world cyclecross wheels can’t go unmentioned.  All kinds of hubs were used with Velocity’s new cross specific tubular.  Most riders sentiments “Just get me on a pair of those Major Tom’s!” Oh ya they are that good.  This is a wider, stiffer tubular rim to accommodate wider cross tires and deal with the rigors of cyclecross.  No more gluing up a 32mm cross tire to a 20mm road rim.  The wider profile with a gluing channel makes for a bigger gluing surface, giving the tire a better profile.  Cost $80, weight 440g


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