24″ Wheels

Now stocking 24″ rims from Stan’s and Velocity for your kiddo’s rig.

Because how much fun would you have riding if your bike was half your body weight? This little ripper lightened the load with new tubeless wheels and a few other parts and shaved 5lbs off his bike weight.

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Stan’s MK3 Rims

Stan’s new MK3 rims in stock. Wheelset cost mostly depends on the hubs you want. Contact me for prices.

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Hope Hubs

The most requested hubs I didn’t carry were Hope. So now I do. Get your new hand built wheels built with Hope hubs here.Here’s a Stan’s Flow MK3 built with a Hope hub.

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National Forest Explorer Wheelset

The NFE (National Forest Explorer) is a stock frame from Elephant Bikes built here in Spokane, WA. This wheelset is offered with this bike in mind. Shutter Precision PD-8 Dynamo front and Shimano XT rear hubs. Both are QR to fit the NFE frame. WTB Laserdisc 27.5 rims-$390 WTB Frequency I23 27.5 rims-$450

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Shop Remodel 2

 I needed a new shop heater so I decided to fix things up a little and put some of my non-wheel-building skills to use. The new heater is a big dog electric one so it got its own circuit.  I’m not excited about electric heat but this summer I’m getting solar on the roof so it made sense.  I also wired both lights to the same switch. I finally put some trim around the window I put in during remodel 1.


I sheetrocked and insulated the ceiling. Then I rearranged the rim hooks to add some more storage space.

I was working on a classy remodel project once and the drywaller was adding texture. He was slopping gobs of mud on the drywall and just leaving it to dry rather than smoothing it out. I had always sanded, re-mud, wait for it to dry, sand again and just keep repeating till the walls were smooth. Ahhhh the dust! So I asked him about the texture he was applying. “It’s called an imperfect smooth wall. We do it in all the new homes. Isn’t it great?” I nodded agreeably but was thinking to myself what an easy out. I added some tire tracks for effect.

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Red Radness!

One of many Chris King colors.
They just happen to match great with Stan’s rims.

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Different Pilot, Same Curb

This weekend’s casualties from racing cross. If we race there next year I’m going to sponsor that curb. Two rim transfers coming right up. Yes, I have them in stock. Yes, I can get them done so you race on them next week.

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Now Selling Schmitt Dynamos!

I have built wheels with Schmitt hubs in the past and they are the sliced bread of dynamos. Now I have a U.S. distributor stocking them. Prices are $310 for the disc models and $253 for rim brake.

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Great deals on Stan’s Rims!

Crest, Arch EX and Flow EX rims. 29er only ~reg $90. Now $60 each.

Stan's Crest Arch Flow Alpha 340 road rims reg $120. Now $85 each. Iron Cross rims reg $88. Now $70 each.Stan's Iron Cross Alpha

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Velocity Major Tom-Tubular Cyclocross Rim

Velo Major Tom 1The Velocity Major Tom is the ultimate tubular cyclocross rim. The Major Tom has a wider profile to match wider cross tires and a seam relief channel. This gives the tire a more rounded profile and a bigger gluing surface between the rim and tire for a more secure hold. $60 each while they last. major tom 2

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