Spokane Bike Swap

Tomorrow I’ll be at the Spokane Bike Swap. I’ll have some special prices on rims and hubs for the swap. Order some new wheels or come by to get some great prices on parts.

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Booooost Spacing Explained

I’ve recently had some boost spacing questions so I thought I’d comment here on it.

These are DT Swiss 350 12mm hubs in 135mm/142mm and 148mm(Boost). Notice the disc rotor is in the same place (.3mm) but the right side spoke flange is farther outboard (+3mm). As mountain bikes have evolved, manufacturers have added gears to the right side of the rear hub, and a rotor to the left side, and then still more gears on the right. All this was added to the same 135mm rear wheel spacing by moving the spoke flanges farther inboard.

The profile of a wheel is a triangle. Two sides are made up of the left and right side spokes. The third side, or base of the triangle, is the distance between the spoke flanges on the hub. Given the evolutionary parts changes the base of the triangle has gotten smaller and the wheel less stable. Also, wheel sizes went from 26” to 29er, making the triangle taller and even less stable.

Hub spacing did change from 135mm to 142mm before boost, but manufacturers chose to use the the same hubshell with wider spacers. This made the hub wider but didn’t change the distance between the flanges. With boost spacing manufactures are actually moving spoke flanges farther apart. This makes the base of the triangle wider and the wheel more stable.

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Lightweight Road Rims

Lighter wheels are faster. Shedding weight at the rim is really what matters though. Stan’s Alpha 340 road rims do a great job of this at <400g. Run them with tubeless road tires and you’ll feel the full effect. There has been some concern about their durability and road tubeless in general. Because these are a lightweight rim they aren’t for everyone. This means no Clydesdales. Using an appropriate nof spokes always helps life expectancy. Road tubeless is for real. The problem is, unlike mountain wheels, you need both a specific tubeless rim and tire. I’ve got these great lightweight rims in stock waiting to be built up for your order. Buying some speed is going to cost you a bit less too. $65 each while they last.

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Top Notch Touring Wheelset


Hand built Velocity Blunt SS rims with Son dynamo front hub and a White Ind XMR rear hub. Built with DT Swiss spokes and brass nipples.

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Discounted 700c Disc Rims

Velocity Blunt SL rims were designed as mountain bike race rims, years ago. The truth is, at 430g with a 25mm width they also make a great disc brake cross/gravel rim for today’s market. With the inner ramped profile, add tape and valves to use them tubeless. Unfortunately their production has been discontinued. I scooped some up on closeout. Get em while they last!

Blunt SL Profile

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Price Matching

I match internet prices on all rims and hubs, from legitimate online bike shops. As a service to parts buying customers I provide free truing and spoke replacement on all wheels I build. Cash paying customers also get free rim tape. I stock 75-100 rims. Mostly from Velocity and Stan’s, some WTB and maybe a few strays. With the variety of colors, cassettes and spacing, hubs are harder to inventory,┬ábut I do have some. Thanks to West Coast suppliers and manufacturers I can get Hope, Chris King, Shimano, White Ind. and dynamos in 1-2 days. Get in touch with me for the best price on your hand built wheelset.

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Phat Bike Wheels Built Here

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Bicycle Touring Wheels

There’s going to be some touring in this customer’s future. DT Swiss TK 540 rims and spokes with a Shutter P front and Shim XT rear.

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Carbon Rims

Why yes, I do build wheels with carbon rims. There are two kinds of carbon rims out there. The high zoot type which are ~$800/rim or the open mold type for ~$300/rim. Carbon molds are super expensive so a company needs to be a big player to have their own molds (ex: Enve, Reynolds). A company that owns their own molds has more control over production, quality, carbon layup, etc. This all adds to the cost of their rims. Everyone else gets their carbon from just a couple factories in Asia. The carbon factory will have a number of “open” rim molds for anyone to choose from. Multiple bike brands could get rims from the same mold, each putting on their own graphics. 

I’ve hand built carbon wheels with both and have no complaints. So, what’s your budget?


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Fulcrum Wheel Repair

The rim bed in the Campy Fulcrum 2-Way Fit rim is sealed. The design is great for tubeless users but adds an extra challenge for the wheel builder. Here I’m swapping out a damaged rim for a new one. A steel insert in the alloy nipple makes it magnetic and then removable through the valve stem hole. Ya, I can fix that.

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