Gravel Season

Gravel season is coming right up. I’ve got 700c disc rims that are great for your next ride as low as $60. I can build them with many different hubs and spokes depending on your budget.

These Velocity Blunt SL rims are wide enough for graveling, can be set up tubeless, lightweight and spin up fast. Pictured here with White Ind CLD hubs, black spokes and Shimano rotors. Cost as shown ~$950

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Hand Built Bicycle Wheels

New Year closeout pricing on all rims and hubs in stock. Rims from Stan’s, Velocity and WTB. Rims as low as $60. Kids 24″ rims for $40. Lots of Shimano road and mountain hubs to build them up with. Parts sold individually or as complete wheels. All wheels hand built and shipped from Spokane, WA. Contact me for a quote on a new hand built wheelset.

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Holiday Sale Pricing

Save on all in stock rims and hubs for the holidays. +100 rims in stock. 29er, 700c, 27.5, plus wheels, fat bike wheels, wheels with dynamo hubs, tubulars, tubeless, cyclocross, lightweight 24″ wheels. They are all here. Bicycle wheels hand built and shipped daily in Spokane, WA. Order now for the best selection.


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26″ Fat Bike Wheels

HO, HO, HO!!!$399

I got myself a deal on some 26″ Stan’s Hugo fat bike rims and found some inexpensive fat bike hubs to build them up with. Since wheels are rotational weight going tubeless is a great way to save some weight on your fatty. These are built with DT Swiss butted spokes and come with tubeless tape installed. These are cartridge bearing hubs with a 3 pawl ratchet for the cassette. Hubs are for 6 bolt rotors. Front hubs are 15x150mm, rear hubs are 10 speed only and come in 170, 190mm QR and 12x197mm.

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Autumnal Wheelbuilding

This might be my busiest time of year for wheelbuilds thanks to three bicycle categories.

First of all cyclocross season is full on right now. MORE COWBELL! I’ve got great 700c cross rims for $60 each. Lightweight disc rims, tubulars and Stan’s Iron Cross rims. The kids cross scene is a segment of this and I build lighter wheels than the stock ones for their little bikes too. Special kid pricing available on 24″ rims.

Cyclocross Rims $60 Each

Next, daylight saving time just happened and all of a sudden everyone is riding in the dark and wants a dynamo hub. Plug in your headlight to one of these wheels and free yourself from chargers, batteries and run time. Besides your light you can hook up a USB port and charge… well, just about anything.

Shutter Precision Dymano

If that’s not enough there’s always fat bike wheels. People love riding these things. Keyword tubeless. Also see above about lights. Yep, I build fat bike wheels with dynamo hubs too.


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Fat Bike Rim Deal

Stan’s Hugo Rims for $75 each.

Hugos are a 52mm wide tubeless rim. Going tubeless on your fat bike is a great weight to save rotational weight. I’ve got 26″ only. I can build these with a variety of hubs depending on your budget. Complete wheels come with tape and lifetime truing.

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Cyclocross Rims Sale

What better way to celebrate cyclocross season than with cross rim sale. It’s all about accelerating out of all those corners folks. So set yourself up for success with some new lightweight hoops to help get it done.

$60each While they last!

Stan’s Iron Cross-The first name in tubeless. Strong and fast!

Velocity Major Tom-Tubular profile to avoid pinch flats and burps. With or without a machined braketrack.

Velocity Blunt SL-A lightweight old school 29er race rim tubeless profile repurposed for use with disc brake cross wheels.

I can build any of these up for you with your choice of hubs. All three of these were regularly $80-90. Hubs are the big price variable. They go anywhere from $100-1000.


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Fat Bike Hubs

Fat bike hubs in stock. Aluminium shell and cassette body, cartridge bearing, 10 speed compatible.

Fronts 15x150mm. Rears 170 QR & 190mm with QR or 12mm. $95 pair

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Discounted 700c Disc Rims

Velocity Blunt SL rims were designed as mountain bike race rims, years ago. The truth is, at 420g with a 25mm width they also make a great disc brake cross/gravel rim for today’s market. With the inner ramped profile, add tape and valves to use them tubeless. Unfortunately their production has been discontinued. Get em while they last. $65 each.

Blunt SL Profile

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I keep 75-100 rims in stock to build wheels with. Lots of 700c road rims and tubeless 29er mtn rims cause they’re what sells, tubular rims for cross, some 650b’s, even 24″ rims for the kidos bike if you are looking for an easy way to shed some weight from their rig. I also have all the right length straight gauge/butted black or silver spokes to build them up with. It’s easy with a spoke cutter. If you need wheels there are the parts and knowledge here to get you rolling again.

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