Custom Wheels

With custom wheelsets Matthew Larsen Wheelbuilding can choose parts specific to each rider, building a wheel that’s lighter, stronger, more aerodynamic, has particular colored parts or a certain hub like a dynamo generator, internal gears or a coaster brake. There are usually ~100 rims in stock ready to hand build wheels with. I don’t stock as many hubs as rims but they are more available. Most wheels ship within 48 hours.

  Wheelbuilding Labor Starts at $50/wheel or $80/pair


I stock a number of different rim profiles in clincher, tubular, tubeless, 29er, 27.5″, 700c, 24.” Rim prices vary from $70-100 for aluminum. Carbon rims are available on special order and range from $300-$800. Since the rim is the outside of the wheel saving any weight here has the biggest effect on the rotational weight. All other things being equal, a lighter rim will make a faster wheel, and we all want to be faster. In most cases aluminum does a great job. It’s inexpensive and lightweight. The real weight advantage of carbon rims is in fat bike or deep section rims.


Hubs are the most expensive component of your custom hand built wheels. A quality hub will provide years of reliable service. Solid gear engagement and smooth spinning bearings are more important weight. Because this is the center of the rotating mass saving weight here doesn’t mean as much as saving weight at the rim. With proper maintenance hubs will outlast many wheel builds. Costs go from ~$75/pair up to +$1000 for something with ceramic bearings. 

Spokes & Nipples

Butted spokes are great do-it-all spokes: they’re available with factory rolled threads in millimeter lengths, have an excellent strength to weight ratio, are low cost, and work in any application. I keep every length of DT Swiss butted spoke in stock. These are my go to spokes on most builds.  Black anodized spokes are popular but the anodization process makes them weaker and more expensive. For the lightweights or those looking for something bladed I have those spokes too. I also stock DT Swiss straight gauge spokes in black and silver. These can be cut to any length and threaded. I also build with alloy nipples on request. 


  • Silver DT Swiss Competition with silver brass nipples $1.10 ea
  • Black DT Swiss Competition with silver brass nipples $1.55 ea
  • Silver DT Swiss Revolutions with silver brass nipples $1.40 ea


  • Sliver brass free with all spokes
  • Black brass .40 ea
  • Silver alloy .25 ea
  • Anodized alloy .55 ea


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