DT Swiss 240 Hubs & RWS Skewers

I’m a Campy lover no doubt. Made in not Asia, rebuildable, solid, history… SOLD. speaking of that history Tullio Campagnolo certainly progressed our sport with his invention of the quick release. Like threadless headsets. Both were a huge improvement from preceding models. Now I’m the sort that jumps to embrace new product ideas like these but sometimes a better mousetrap does comes along. I think DT Swiss has such a product with their RWS skewers. If a standard 5mm QR skewer and 15mm thru axle had sex the RWS skewer would be their offspring. The RWS is compatible with the standard QR dropouts you already have. Rather than a 5mm shaft you get an alloy thru bolt with a diameter of 9mm up front or 10mm rear. Both stiffen things up considerably. RWS skewers are available on DT 240 hubs which also features their patented freehub engagement system and are available with 6 bolt of centerlock disc patterns.
If you aren’t familiar with the DT wratchet system think two serrated washers around the axle one on the hubshell and one on the freehub body. The two washers are serrated in opposite directions with a single spring pressing them together. Thats your freewheel engagement. Pretty simple, light and fast. With fewer parts and more points of engagement than the more widely used 3 pawl design.  DT 240 road hubs are available for radial lacing and crossing patterns and come in Campy or Shimano freehub bodies.

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