DT Swiss Wheel Review

It’s spring and everyone is jonesing to go out and ride. Good for you! Magazine folks are putting out product reviews giving you all kinds of ideas ways to spend those hard earned Benjamin’s you’ve been saving. There are lots of great products out there but one that is often overlooked for a flashier, newer technology, more aero, carbon model is the traditional wheel. Looking at a recent review weight and cost are understandably major determining factors so I’ll go with that. Everyone knows lighter=faster and we all want to be fast. We are also all broke so we want cheap. Lets look at a DT Swiss 26″ mountain bike wheelset. Weight is 1600g cost is $710. I have built lighter wheels but I’m just thinking average here. That’s pretty competitive with other wheels. Especially when you consider you have hubs that will last a lifetime or longer with minimal servicing, a one of a kind cats meow freewheel engagement system and spokes that if you happen to get a stick caught in your wheel and take a few out you can walk into any LBS to get. If this is outside your budget by swapping the DT hubs for Shimano the price is trimmed to $355 and 200g are added. Not the same bling but you are riding an inexpensive, reasonably lightweight, serviceable wheelset. The same is true for road wheels. This is saying nothing about rider size which is easily overlooked. Look at the wheels riders are using in the upcoming spring classics races. Traditional stuff. Let the parts manufactures make the parts and leave the wheelbuilding to the pros.

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