Going Fat

Dog Valley Road is a gravel road link between Truckee and Reno. With road construction making I80 look more like a parking lot than an interstate these days I thought I’d try the gravel to get up to some of the Truckee area road rides. I have used the Mt.bike and cross bike on Dog Valley Rd before. Once back on the pavement though the Rd bike would be superior. I have ridden about a mile on this road before on some 23’s. I was like forget about this. You could do it. I know people who have but… So I put some 28c tires I had in the shop on my road bike. Ahhh tire clearance! Another victory for the steel bike. The carbon fork clearance is a bit tight but defiantly rideable. I test rode this past weekend and gotta say “I’ll be doing some of this!” Stay tuned.

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