B.Y.O.Parts-Some folks like to do their own shopping online. It’s no secret you can save some money there. Contact me with your internet purchased rims and or hubs for the same great hand built wheels service.

Rebuilds-Matthew Larsen Wheelbuilding is happy to build with used hubs as long as they are in good service. The hub is the expensive part of the wheel so this can save you some money. The most cost effective way to do this is to have you send me just the hubs. MLW does not build with used rims, spokes or nipples.

Wheel Repair-I work on all brands of wheels including Campy, Bontrager, Mavic, Williams… Cost depends on what the wheel needs. Wheel truing, dishing, tensioning, starts at $25. When I see what you’ve got I can give you a better estimate.

Hub service-Matthew Larsen Wheelbuilding works on loose ball and cartridge bearing hubs with pro grade extractors and presses to ensure quality work. Bearing are pressed not pounded. A well-maintained hub will outlast many wheel builds. Costs vary depending on hub manufacturer and parts needed. I cannot give estimates without seeing the hub and evaluating its needs.


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