National Forest Explorer Wheels

The National Forest Explorer (NFE) is a stock frame from Elephant Bikes. Depending on your size, needs and budget I can hand build you a suitable custom wheelset. Popular choices have been Velocity Cliffhanger or WTB Frequency rims, and front dynamo hubs. Rear hubs range from DT Swiss to Shimano and White Industry. Wheelset prices are all over depending on what you want, so contact me for a quote.

Velo Clif Hanger Shimano 1Velocity Cliffhangers with a Shimano dynamo front and Shimano XT rear hub

Velo Clifhanger Son A Velocity Cliffhanger with a Schmidt Son dynamo

Shutter PThe Shutter Precision dynamo. Colors available.

WTB Shutter Pre ShimanoWTB Frequency with a Shutter P front and Shimano XTR rear.

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