I hand built my first bicycle wheel waaaay back before I ever worked at a bike shop. The hub was from a wheel I tacoed. There’s still a scar on my shoulder from the crash.  I ordered the parts and dove in. Since then I’ve learned a bunch about building wheels. I worked my way through the bike industry working at some shops and for a distributor as their wheelbuilder/mechanic. I’m not sure how many wheels I’ve built over the years but there were days and weeks when all I did was sit there at the truing stand. Chances are you might already be riding some of my wheels. Now I’m on my own team. Besides chief wheelbuilder I’m in charge of ordering, shipping, bookkeeping, the web site, and sweeping the floor.

I’m more of a mountain bike/cyclocross/gravel type rider. While I have done both road and mountain bike racing in the past (Vail Worlds, Chequamegon Fat Tire Fest, Sea Otter, Downieville, Reno Wheelmen Series, Wisport, Badger State Games, WORS, NORBA) lately just like to ride bikes. I visit popular bike destinations, explore undiscovered ones, check IMBA Eppics off my list and pedal grand fondos. My racing now is limited to cyclocross in the NW for Emde Sports. My current stable of bikes includes a custom Gunnar Crosshairs and an Elephant Bikes custom mountain bike. Elephant Bikes is a Spokane frame builder I also hand build wheels for. 

Ride on, Matty

Now go ride your bike!

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