Velocity A23 Tubeless

Tubeless ready Velocity A23’s handbuilt with your choice of hubs.  When Velocity moved their rim production to the  US at the beginning of the year they changed the inside profile of the popular A23 model.  The change was to make the A23 tubeless compatible making it even more popular.  Velocity claims the new profile helps support the tire to keep it from burping, and also makes tire inflation easier.  This change and the added cost of US production has also changed the price.  Australian made A23 rims, which MLW has a few of, are $77.   American made A23 rims, which MLW also has, are $94.  Call today for the best selection.

 From the wheelbuilder:

Being tubeless curious I have tried a number of rims, tapes and tires tubeless.  I have raced cyclocross on tubeless tires in the past with the use of a conversion kit.  And yes burping was a problem at lower (tubular like) pressure.  This year I’m looking forward to using the A23 tubeless.  Stay tuned for my thoughts.

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