Wide Road Wheels At Interbike

Finally the bike industry is catching on.  Borrowing the mountain bike idea that wider rims are better Velocity built the A23.   The A23 is 23mm wide rather than the usual 19-20mm of other road rims.  The wider rim gives the tire a more natural profile which means a better ride, better aerodynamics, more grip, and less risk of pinch flats.  No more cramming tires into a rim channels that they don’t fit in.  MLW has been building wheels with Velocity’s A23 rims for a year and customers love them.

If you are a cross racer using 32mm wide tubular tires on narrow road rims because there was no other choice well now there is.   Velocity makes a tubular rim with the same profile as the A23 named the Major Tom.  The profile has a seam relief channel for better gluing, 11mm wide brake track, and unparallelled traction because the rim is made for a wide tire.

MLW handbuilds Velocity rims with a variety of hubs depending on your budget and application.

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